First-time partners

For organisations that are appling as partners for the first time within Erasmus+ as a partner, please follow instruction:

  1. Obtain PIC number from Participants Portal website on this link
  2. Upload Legal entity form and registration documents on Participants Portal
  3. Select Erasmus+ on Participants portal by clicking Organisation ˃ My organisation ˃ Modify organisation ˃ Choose your framework program (on the bottom of the pop-up window)
  4. Upload your Legal entity form (obligatory) and Finantial identification on Documents section of previous website
  5. Download and fulfill Mandate(s) (Mandates with inserted signature and stamp will not be accepted)
  6. Download and fulfill PIF (PIF should contain PIC and all fields completed, sent in word format.)
  7. Make sure that e-mail used for for obtaining PIC is same as one written in PIF
  8. Send us completed Mandate(s) and PIF

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